Hello friends..

Hi friends, I hope you all are doing well. As I was busy from last few months learning photography (and enjoying it) I couldn’t get in touch with you good friends. Now I am trying to make a come back on ‘wordpress’. In the mean time I would like you good friends to follow my … More Hello friends..

Promote me..

Recently I shared with you all good friends about my first experience with my camera. Last night I also took the next step by asking God to ‘Promote me’ and he suggested me of something. So I made a ‘Page’ of my photography on some Social site, where I will keep on posting my photos … More Promote me..

In Black..

A few hours ago I clicked a photo of mine, and then before posting it on the social media I just opened the image in the photo-editing app and made it all black with the ‘Black & White’ effect. Having a friend of mine who is good in photography I just sent him that image … More In Black..

Merry Christmas..

It’s 12:00 midnight of 25th Dec, 2016 here in India. And wishing you all my lovely, and naughty, and funny, and photographer, and poet and poetess and social worker and student and private job and a Govt employee and black, brown, white and short and tall, skinny and fat and twisty and crispy friends a … More Merry Christmas..

God’s dream..

While I was on the brink of giving up my life as I was being seized of my only happiness and purpose in life, something happened. It was neither obvious, nor was it just a coincidence. Now before continuing, let me go the verse of the Bible which says, “For God so loved the world … More God’s dream..