We’ll walk hand in hand

“We’ll walk hand in hand… we’ll walk hand in hand
We’ll walk hand in hand today…
Oho deep in my heart I do believe that we shall overcome some day.”

I need some one to walk with me in this time of storm but I have none.
We were in a war and she fought with me. She fought with me for four years.
Then she gave up because her fighting anymore for us was a ‘death warrant’ for me. She had to leave me alone amidst the fight. But she is a brave heart. I learnt sacrifice from her.
As everything in the above paragraph is going on in the past tense but actually it is leading to a future. Because she ‘had’ to leave and ‘she fought’ with me for our purpose.
This imposes a liability on me that I have to continue this fight and win. To win is a liability for me.
The most precious thing on this earth is for me is the ‘true smile’ and we fought for it. But if the people, the conditions, the sick traditions are bold to snatch our smile I am double as bold to take it back from them. IMG_1875
They seized our innocence, they robbed us of our peace, they erased the memory of us of what sleep is.
She may not be with me to walk with me hand in hand but one day -one day we will walk hand in hand. Though I have to fight alone now, I will fight. I will fight for us. I will fight for millions others alike. I will fight so that what we faced no one faces again. For my purpose, for our purpose, for others’ purpose and ultimately for God’s purpose I will fight and one day surely,
‘We’ll walk hand in hand.’


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