Hey I am alive

Some sleepless nights you may find it more relaxing to be dead than to try to live.
You will try hard to sleep but can not.
You will get up the next morning expressionless finding no reason to stay alive that very morning but all of a sudden your calculative mind will start doing some maths about


HOW MUCH you spent money, emotions and labour; how many times you faced humiliation, how long you waited, how much it was and is necessary and you will suddenly say, “Hey get up man, its not over yet. You still have breath in your nostrils, your heart is still beating, you still have a sound mind to think and plan and still have the strength to work for it -the purpose of your life. Will you let it go simply because it hurts waiting for it ? No !”

That’s it. Then you will be alive again. You will get dressed for the work prepare your bag eat your breakfast and leave for the work.
Life is as simple guys -not letting waiting kill you, not letting shortage of evidence of success stop you, not letting the outer world influence your integrity towards your life purpose and that’s it. Yeah ! That’s it. You don’t need anything more than this to keep going and as you keep going you will ultimately reach there. You are made unstoppable and you will be unstoppable.
You are alive.


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