Reflecting the ‘truth’


Mirrors. Shiny, smooth, and always reflecting the truth.
Some people ask me of things I can’t go out of my house with out. My answer uses to be a ‘handkerchief’.
But if I am asked about the thing I can’t start my day without is obviously a ‘mirror’.
After leaving my bed it uses to be my first priority to stand a while before the mirror before I start my daily routine.
Not just in the morning but as many times I would find a mirror, if I do not stop in front of it, I would at least slow myself down to have a look if the ‘me’ who left the house this morning is still the same or has changed some. Haaa haaa. Jokes apart.

Some scientific survey also suggests that a human on an average spends three hours a day looking onto a mirror (average of the number of the days humans live).
We would meet our girl friend or boy friend or besties some times and also some far living relative too and many others who will make us happy spending time with but seriously we will never compromise with the time we get to look ourselves into the mirror. Have you ever thought why we give this mirror so much importance or why is it so necessary in our lives ?
When we are before a mirror we meet with ‘us’, not somebody else. Because the ‘we’ in front of ‘us’ are the only ones who know us exactly to the extent we know ourselves. A mirror will always reflect what is true and so it is dearer to us. When we look ourselves into the mirror we look our dark circles, we groom ourselves, we wash our face, we wipe our tears not some one else. When you are down you will go before the mirror, will see yourselves crying your tears. When there will be no one to encourage you and be with you in your times of need you will be with yourselves and with out the help of a mirror I don’t know if it would have been possible to gather ourselves up in the times of trouble.
The ones who are alone are also a best friend to themselves and the bond of this friendship is the mirror itself.
You will also find in some horror movies that when a bad spirit is not seen by the naked eyes people trying to figure that out will be using a mirror because it reflects the truth. What we try to hide is revealed by a mirror. And not just bad spirits but also the good ones who will at occasions in the movies will try to save good people from the bad spirits is also relevant in this context.
Though we all are living in a time friends where we have limited our lives to conformation instead of being real. Some call it a need of the time, some are deceiving others, some are deceived by others and every one is wearing a mask that can not be revealed easily to the others. But the situation is more damaging when we are being deceived by ourselves and are entrapped in between the real reality and the imposed reality and we are not as comfortable doing so.
Then at some point we will be standing in front of the mirror and it will start to peal our real self up layer by layer dismantling us to our very original being.
Knowing oneself is the one of the greatest and most effective way of getting out of a state of confusion and that in turn is the first step in the way of starting a life with ‘real’ meaning. So more than anything else I find it more important to befriend the mirror and trust the person whom it reveals us. Because a mirror will always reflect the truth and it will be a must to find the real you in this very fake world.

5 thoughts on “Reflecting the ‘truth’

        1. Thats true. I was learning photography and was giving all of my time to it. As earlier I planned to use my photos in my blogs and now I am back to the family again. Will be following you Kamal. Thanks again. Have a very good time.


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