Doors will open on the left

“Doors will open on the left; please mind the gap.”
As soon as this announcement was heard in the train people who were to disembark at the next station came to the left but also managed to keep a distance from the automatically opening doors of the train as it could seriously injure someone stepping out.
As I keep thinking most of the times for things that inspire me or make me learn something, I quickly started correlating it with my life.
Almost everyone of us have dreams and wishes in life which believe me never come easy. At times we become disappointed and out of any clue which may tell us that we are on the right path and have to keep walking in its direction. At that time we forget that everything is made to happen on the right time and a certain place. Believe me friends everything is planned by the supreme governor whom we call God. And what that announcement told me was that ‘doors WILL open’; that means no one can close it for ever though at times it may be closed but eventually doors will open. But it will also take its time right !
So what is in between the time of opening of the door and the present time ? Obviously its also a time frame -a ‘gap’ which we are to mind of. To mind the gap doesn’t mean to get bothered about it in present context but to use that gap. Because this gap between the two times is also there according to the plan. So it must also have a worth.
So what we can do, and must do in the times of trial and turbulence is to be patient. But again that patience is not meant to be idle or inactive. That patience is a practice which is as a result of the assurance that the doors will definitely open and we don’t have to be worried but put in work to develop ourselves being patient and being careful about the gap.
The ones who are walking on this earth having a purpose in their hearts are rare ones and mostly alone as they do not fit in the lifestyle of the majority and probably no one can keep walking alone without any guide or without any direction. So learning from things, from people, from advertisement banners, from stories, from living and non living things, from good and bad, from stars from wind, from anything or everything -it comes as a result of an adaptation of such people who chose to undergo a change in the ‘obvious’ and the ‘easy’ to live instead of being extinct in tough times. And such an adaptation starts when we say to ourselves that I am not going to give up for the doors are closed right now; doors will open and I will mind the gap.


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