High tides are for shore’s betterment.

I wanted to write a lot about this. But this thing can be understood in a simpler way.
Like we all face problems in our lives like high tides in the sea. In such times of low feeling we often approach a counsellor or try to find solution by listening to motivational speakers. They all will tell you one thing that 'problems are necessary in life.'

If we correlate the problems with the high tides, they are the same as both of them will an cause unease in the regular and also both are necessary. If you have ever been to some beach and had observed how the tides cause the water to reach the shore you will find that if sea water were also stagnant like the ponds or lake water it would not let the water to reach a farther but would irrigate only the meeting point of the sand and the sea. Now look at the coconut trees. They are not exactly at that point where the sea water hits the shore. They are at a little more distance. How do the roots then find water to grow ?
The answer will be -the high tides. Yes !
During high tides the water would reach a little further to the shore where most of the vegetation will thrive. So, it makes me come to the conclusion (though it may not be perfectly true on a scientific basis but as a correlation between life and sea) that high tides like the problems in our lives will be necessary to support life on the shore.

So what I wanted to convey is that problems like the tides do, will increase our approach towards good things and thus are necessary. So everything that God has put in the system is must and for our betterment. Problems are there to enhance our ability to find and create solutions not to break us. So take every high tide in your life, in fact welcome the tides because 'high tides are for the betterment of the shore.'

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