How God camouflaged

Well the title of this blog may sound weird for some of you but believe me it’s true.
God really did camouflage but himself but the lives he intended to live, like most of the creatures do to protect themselves from a predator -an enemy.
Ok let me say it like this, “God protected many lives on this earth by camouflaging
Sounds perfect now ?
Oh yes it does. A couple of months ago when I was getting bored at home for not finding something interesting to shoot with my camera, I just got up and drove to the Crude oil refinery plant some 25 miles away from my home. Because the refinery plant has reserved a very vast area of forests under it also has a naturally made big pond which attracts many breeds of birds and you find plenty of them.
Ok, so what happened was I reached there at sharp noon and it was a hot summer day. I found nothing -practically no bird to shoot, waited for some time and then again disappointed I made my mind to return. And after I packed my gear back into the bag and was about to turn my eyes suddenly fell at a small spot on the ground where some grass was made to encircle and cover something right on the ground.
It arose my curiosity and as soon as I took a closer look onto it, my goodness it were two small Heron eggs lying on the ground. Now as the grass was not so well made to appear like a nest and neither it was, the eggs were laid on a small mass of hardened mud slightly above the ground level and covered by the dried grass itself. What I found was this-

I quickly took out my camera and took some macro shots from different angles and meanwhile I was shooting I was thinking that why do these eggs were different in appearing than most of the bird eggs. Later I clicked this in my mind that Herons are not domesticated are wild and they might have adapted to have eggs of this appearance to get camouflaged from the animals because as I also looked into the nest it was not easy for these eggs to come into my vision so easily.
And as many of followers already know that I am a strong believer of God and I find good reasons to have this kind of belief. Guys a Heron is not an engineer or a 3D print designer that he would do it so perfectly that for a human eye of 576 megapixel resolution each it will be hard to find. This led me to a conclusion that how much we are feeling insecure and see no one to be with us in our lives, we have to remember that we all belong to a supreme master. And the master is fully responsible for our lives. He has well camouflaged lives to give protection from being destroyed and he has done it well.
A Heron is sure about Him (God) and will leave at times the eggs to do other works. So shouldn’t we humans cast all our worries on God and be sure of his loving kindness and His perfection and His assurance ?
A journey with God to conquer all.

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