A journey with God to conquer all.

‘Journey’ – a word that no matter how entangled you are in your respective lives, will attract you towards itself. After all who doesn’t want to go on a long journey with his/her loved ones in a desire to spend cheerful moments with them.

And no matter if we are physically moving from one specific place to another or not, we all are in some journey in our lives. Everyone is walking. Walking towards a goal, a purpose, a meaningful life from a worthless one. Some satisfied others not but everyone is in a journey. Every single individual is walking.

Now everyone has this experience in life that when we walk, we shift ourselves from a state of comfort to discomfort. Even if we are moving in a car or any other means of transportation we are not that comfortable as when we used to stay in our rooms. in that case what are the reasons that keep us in the journey ? Before we come to an answer let us assume a person so rich and so satisfied in life that he/she does not have to leave his/her comfort zone in order to earn their living or fulfilling their desires. Even that individual will have to find a place to break his schedule in order to get a little refreshed in life.

By now what we can be sure of is that every one rich or poor, satisfied or unsatisfied, working or not working is or will be in a journey. Pretty much like that !! I think most answers will be a ‘Yes’. As we broke from the theme that what reasons are there to keep us in a journey here is the possible assertion of mine on this. In one word that reason is – the need. The need to earn more, the need to learn more, need to achieve some thing or recreation. All these needs make us leave our place of physical and emotional habitat for a temporary or permanent period of time. And what can not be denied in this journey is ‘pain’. We can not bypass pain/discomfort in a journey. In times certain factors that keep us moving may be the urgency of a situation, bad experiences, breakdowns, and so many other factors. But those ‘reasons’ in themselves are not sufficient to bear and overcome the pain for the fulfilment or most appropriately -the completion of the journey.

At times we will be on the verge of giving up and then it will be critical to rethink about those very reasons for which we have come so far. At times we will be about to break it will be critical to do some maths, some calculations and undergo a questionnaire by us for ourselves. We will have to ask ourselves why did we come so far in the journey ? And if we have come up to this point then why are we giving up now ? But at that time we will also be out of resources, strength, dare and evidence that we can go any further. At that time there will be only one answer -‘God’. Even the toughest of the atheists will look up towards the sky with tears in their eyes and a fire in their hearts. Why do they look up? Who is sitting there -some financer or some banker who will release money for them? Or a doctor who will send cure for them? They lookup because deep in their instincts they all are made godly. And at that point God will help us keep moving and complete the journey.

Yes this was the point. The greatest joy comes in the life when in your tears you find an assurance that this will not be forever; an assurance that good things are coming. No bank and no insurance company and no army in the world will be able to fight with you in your trouble. But God will always be there. Like a newborn baby with no wisdom seeks for the source of milk when hungry and knows that this is the source when exposed to it, man of belief will also find God to walk with when he is weary being not able to walk any longer.

Guys here I am also in my Journey with God to conquer all. I am starting to walk in the direction God showed me to find my worth in this universe. You may find what direction God showed me in my tribulation in God’s camera. I will be publishing blogs with feature images clicked by me which is a part of my ‘journey’. Hope you guys will like them.

And before leaving I want to say this, “Love you all. May you find God for your journey and complete it successfully. Take care folks.”

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