Hold fast in your heart the Father’s promise.

4 holes in a button to fasten it to the shirt and every thing goes well.
Similar is our life.
God has his ‘word’ as a promise to us, for our provisions by him.
But the ‘word’ is needed to be held fast in ourselves.
For holding fast His ‘word’ we must have to sew ourselves to the ‘word’ only like the button is sewed to the shirt.
And the 4 anchorage points in us as humans, to hold the ‘Word of God’ fast are the-
Faith, Holiness, Love and Forgiveness.

” ‘Faith’- meaning being sure of what we hope for and being certain of what is not yet seen.” So the first place where a man stumbles while putting his first step to walk in faith is the ‘Faith’ itself. Because true faith is tested in fire. It simply means that when there will be no evidence of success or assurance then the true ‘faith’ will not be moved.button-punched-grey

‘Holiness.’ It is as simple as a word and even simpler to live in Holiness. I may not be able to write all the definitions of Holiness and convince anyone to continue reading this blog any further because in today’s life of ‘self satisfaction’ and ‘short cuts’ the human values and morality is degraded to such an extent that if I try to advocate even some basic DOs and DON’Ts I may be taken to be outdated. So in one sentence it would not be wrong to say that, If you do something and you have to regret for it with a feeling of guilt in your soul, don’t do it. And believe me friends God loves Holiness.

‘Love’ is always unconditional. Love every individual around you without any discrimination of class, colour, ethnicity, nationality, status and so.
Loving every creation of God unconditionally will create a special place in God’s heart for you and His ‘word’ will become more fruitful to you.

A ‘Rose’ is always better than the ‘Rage’

‘Forgiveness’ is the most precious gift we can ever present to anyone. And honestly speaking forgiving is often painful and very difficult.
But remember the son of God forgave everyone who were accused of his blood. God loves every one who forgives his enemy as his son also forgave.
A very precisely explained advantage of forgiveness is shared by some author. He said, “till you do not forgive your enemy, you and your soul will be burning in the fire of revenge and it will hurt you more than it will hurt your enemy as your soul itself will not be healed. And till your soul is not healed how can you get peace and till you are not in peace you will not be able to hear the word of God.”

So this was all that I observed what a button could teach me. And I wish everyone of you may be blessed with the word of God as you hold fast the ‘word’ with faith, holiness, love and forgiveness in your hearts. God bless all.



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