God’s Camera .

I bought my first DSLR camera on this Christmas Day.
My Goodness ! I just can’t tell how much I ‘needed’ this.
How I got this camera needs a little introductory preface which I am including here.
Well most of you who have gone through my last few blogs might know that I was (not ‘am’) a very much troubled individual always broke with grieves, disappointments and defeats and set backs and almost all the ‘Negative’ things that do exist. And I used to always think of committing suicide as I knew that there is no way left for me.
But now it is a different scenario. Now I have ‘ways’ as now I have got a friend, a true one.
There is only ‘one’ whom I trust and who eases me always.
He is ‘God’.
A few days ago when I was standing near a Bus Queue Shelter crying in the daytime with my both hands raised to the sky asking God to help me, I got a thought. Or better say, God spoke to me something.
He said, “Go and get your camera.”
And I followed his instruction. I bought a camera and I called it ‘GOD’S CAMERA’.
Since Christmas I have been clicking photos with the camera and here I am going to share what I found last night when I was experimenting by taking photos of small sized birthday candles in the dark in my room.
As soon as I imported the photos in my laptop and started selecting the ones which were composed well, I found something.
While looking on the above images I very clearly see as if ‘Jesus Christ’ is preaching the ‘word’ of almighty God to the men.
Like Jesus in his form is the ‘light’ of God and spreads the ‘light’ among the mankind, I can see in this image the candle which is lit (as the image of Christ) is instructing men (the movement of flame in the direction of the 4 candles as human figures) of the ‘word of God’.
I find this photo very relaxing and keep seeing it again and again whenever I am worried and troubled with thoughts and fears.
And not only it is about this image, but I have given my life to ‘Jesus’ the Christ and prayed him to save me.
I know my prayer is heard and I know now that I am ‘saved’.
Now God’s camera is with me and ‘God’ himself, ‘in’ me.
Can you see ‘Him’ in the image ?? 🙂

7 thoughts on “God’s Camera .

  1. Oh Vikas! What a lovely, lovely post! Great photo and I have no doubt that God is leading you, because you have turned your life over to Him. You can trust Him to lead you like the good Father he is. I absolutely see what you are seeing in the photos and it is beautiful! Great job, Vikas!!! 😍

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes Susan. I remember last time you said that you will b waiting for my photos with my new camera. That I recalled last night and hence I blogged and will soon be sharing some more photos with you and other friends. Thanks for liking and even thanks for you beautiful words. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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