In Black..

A few hours ago I clicked a photo of mine, and then before posting it on the social media I just opened the image in the photo-editing app and made it all black with the ‘Black & White’ effect. Having a friend of mine who is good in photography I just sent him that image and asked if that photo looked good or not ?
And then he rejected. And then I sent the same image to some other friend who is an admirer of my photography. And he also rejected. I thought that I will try some other photo the next morning and made myself busy in some other work. But that image kept on striking on my mind again and again and then I got up and said, “this image is good and I am going to post it.” Then I picked up my phone and posted.

Sometimes it makes me think that why I am so comfortable with something which most of the others are not comfortable with or straightforwardly they don’t like what I like (or its reverse).bw
I mean there are almost a dozen other colours too and in each one, hundreds of tones and shades are there to chose from for your shirt, for your pen, for your phone, for your car and so. Then why just black ?? Well, I don’t use to think much on this ‘color’ issue most of the time but here are my rationalisations to this preference of mine which I thought may be the possible reason of my psychology.

The journey starts in the womb of the mother, where there is no human supervision to guide a life to flourish in the dark. But it flourishes and when it is revealed to the outer world it is the most beautiful, wise and recognised being of the earth.

The darkness is most properly symbolised with the colour ‘Black’ and in majority of the contexts of any subject, study or faith, the ‘darkness’ itself is a symbol of ‘evil’ or the ‘wrong’. But if we get a moment to think on this darkness or most appropriately the ‘black’ in context of this topic, we will find that the source of everything in this universe is a ‘black’ and everything came into existence from the same black (not to be confused with the differentiation between ‘the good and the bad’).
From the vastness of the dark and black space, a seed was sown of ‘creation’ as some say it a ‘BIG-BANG’ and others something else.
Similar is with the life of a human being. Many times it will find itself surrounded with the ‘Black’ in its life and the same ‘black’ introduces it to the life itself. The ‘black’ may itself be black in nature but it brings out the inner light of one and reconstructs it for a life.
As a ‘myself’, I grew mostly alone and I use to find the dark and the black a bit recreational compared to the ‘normal’ people.
It was a little strange that when I was in school I used to switch off the lights of my room while I was writing on paper and instead would use a candle lit a little distance apart from my notebook. I don’t know still now, that was it a psychology or science that my hand-writing in the dark was very much different and better in the light of a candle or a lantern compared to the electric bulb or the tube-lights. Similarly in fine arts the most interesting part of my drawings used to be the drawing outline of the sketches or landscapes or portraits with black colour. I mean I enjoyed that part the most.
Many more things in my life are there which are holding me close to the ‘black’.
Philosophically, it is not even me that I wish to live in ‘black’. But speaking of the colour, I just love it. I like other colours too because variation is also necessary in a meaningful life but I can not share the part of my love for black with any other.
More or less I am ‘Black’.


7 thoughts on “In Black..

  1. I like your black and white composition. Then again, I am in to film noir and the darker side of things. This is stark and not as minimalist and fuzzy as some people like black and white to be. Good photo, Vikas. Trust your instincts.

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