a few shots of Life

img_0878A few days ago while I was at my friend’s house and we were talking about each other’s interests and plans of future, I came to know that he wants to become a Trekking Guide. He also told me that after a few months he is going to quit his marketing job and going to take admission in some institute to get the certification course.
And as he asked me about my plans, I told him that I loved ‘photography’ and I will buy a good DSLR camera in some time for the same.
It was a less than one minutes time that he reached his cupboard and pulled out a box which had a digital camera having a 20 megapixel sensor and pretty good optical zoom. He handed me that and asked that till I buy a DSLR, I can have that and spend some time capturing images with that.
It became so much excited that i could not resist myself and just had the camera, learned a few things from him and then in a few more minutes I left.
Here I am including some photos that I shot from the camera. I hope you like these.


My first subject was to be a bird obviously as they mostly annoyed me as I wanted to shoot them with my smartphone. Firstly the digital zoom did not do the job for me as there would be always a distortion of the resolution and the clarity and details in the image produced. So first I got this heron sitting on a Eucalyptus tree. It seemed quite patient to pose for me. It was a nice experience to start with.

Next it was the time for some light play. With the ISO settings and shooting against the light, it produced some dreamy images (but as I said this device was not a DSLR, so it was not as effective but still it did the job quite well for me.)




It will be an injustice if I do not mention about the Macro which created my interest in photography. The closer the better and more detailed the images that you capture. For simplification the close up shots are called Macro shots. Following are some examples.





Wildlife is another genre of photography which holds good scope for professionals to make a career in. It is also very pleasing and satisfying for the amateurs to be near the nature. Though the images included here are also not perfectly a wild life photography but taking a few shots of the wild life in the city was actually a bit calming and pleasing for me.





Now it was the turn to turn to some other lives around me which were a story in themselves. Some random shots including living and non living subjects are included below.












Finally it was me in front of the lens for collecting some DP assets for my social networks. Some shots taken by friend. Overall it was a fun time and a learning experience too with the camera. Soon I am going to have my first DSLR camera and will be sharing the photos with you the soon. Have a good time folks. Love you all.









Oh, so you came upto here !! This shows that you are ‘that reader’ of mine. Hee hee.
Have a fabulous day guys. Love u again.

14 thoughts on “a few shots of Life

  1. These pictures are terrific, Vikas. You do have an eye for shapes and forms. Those bats in the trees are huge! Since I am a big fan of camels (I have several stuffed friends) I really enjoyed that photo. The macro on the flower was so close, I could almost smell it. Your study of people made me feel as if I were in the streets with you seeing the vibrant colors. I can’t wait to see what you do with the DLSR.

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  2. Stunning! Absolutely beautiful! Of course I read to the end…I guess I am “that reader”. 😉 You have a true gift, my friend!! I especially loved the photos of the trees. I am odd in that I appreciate the beauty of a tree without its leaves more than with (they are both beautiful, but there is something about seeing the way the branches intertwine and branch out that I love). Thank you for your follow on my site that led me here. I will be happily following you! 🙂

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        1. My God, no complement can be more beautiful and precious than this. I don’t even have my own camera but I love photographing and soon going to purchase my first camera.
          Hey really so sweet complement. Really. It makes me happy like children. Haaa haaa ☺

          Liked by 1 person

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