Saturday Market in the capital

It is the seat of Administrative Study aspirants in India, known as the GTB-Nagar in New Delhi (NE) -capital of India.
Unlike the Porsche areas of New Delhi this area has a different environment and holds a unique identity.
As soon as you enter this place you will find boys and girls of different ages and backgrounds walking and discussing on their syllabi, subject topics and current affairs.
What is most attractive at this place is the old fashion evening shops and vegetable market which are crowded most of the times.
Well I was supposed to share my experience of the evening market mainly.
This Friday night I was in the capital again for some work and it is the part of my regular schedule whenever I visit here that I come to see my friend Ravi for sure.

My Minion -Detectable ‘mee’



As it was night and I was tired a bit I felt asleep as soon as I had my dinner with him.
Next day we spent some time looking for his study material at libraries and it was almost the dusk as we also spent some time meeting his colleagues and friends.
The most discussed topic now a days are the DEMONETISATION SCHEME of Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi where both the Rupees 500 and 1000 notes were to be replaced with new 2000 and 500 Rupees notes to eradicate the problem of black money.

I am diverting from the main content of the blog I think. But here the wait is over. I am including the photos here which I shot at the SATURDAY MARKET.
The resolution of the photos might not be impressive but what I like here, as I discussed earlier is the old school shops having wooden sticks attached with LED lamps for lighting and heaps of vegetables at the ground. What amazes me is the fact that despite the popularity of the SUPERMARKET/MALL CULTURE in a developing country like India, where people do not wish to go to small and not so tidy looking shops, people still love to shop green vegetables and other items at this place. So without irritating you all any more I am including the photos here. I hope you enjoy. Have a great time.


the Snack vendor selling roasted and salted pea nuts, corn and chick peas etc.


Shot from the balcony
Samosa Waalah
general use items
Onions and Potatoes
my friend


Gooseberreis -Emebllica officinalis
Serious shopper
Yankie baby


the final STOP, Brinjals, Cauliflowers, Pumpkins


Look what I got for today
I leave you all with this stall. Enjoy the Egg rolls

So these were a few moments that I felt a little relaxing and thought it may be entertaining to you.
I hope you enjoyed it. If not, then I will be coming back soon with more of them.
Love you all.
Good night and sleep tight. Sweet Dreams folks and yes of course
Good morning to you too . 🙂










9 thoughts on “Saturday Market in the capital

  1. I envy you, Vikas. I miss the farmer’s market. We had one in Phoenix that we used to go to every weekend for fresh produce. Those egg rolls looked very good. I am so glad that you enjoyed yourself! Good to “see” you again, my friend!

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