There’s power in the name of ‘Jesus’

your Love never fails never gives up

“your love never fails, never gives up.. Never runs out of me.
your love…”
Heading out of the Subway in New Delhi, we three moved towards the market where we usually went to eat the famous Apple pie at ‘For God’s Cake’.
A tricky yet catchy name of the café which holds a unique concept of sitting and décor and some distinct delicacies not usually found at other places near by.
Well while we were walking through the pedestrian way, I got a hum of some song and the strings of guitar played. My friend asked her friend to stop there for a while, but I said that we should move on as I was a little hungry for the pie.
But as her friend also requested me to stop for a while, I agreed and we three moved to that place where these nice guys were singing some kind of carol or preparing it for the Christmas outside of some Makeover parlour.wp_20161101_19_39_49_pro
As soon as we reached there it was my turn to smile, listening to the words they were singing. I quickly grabbed out my smartphone and started recording it.
The words were striking my mind, so I thought it deserved being shared with others too.
That’s the reason I am on wordpress again after long time.
This song kind of re-introduced me with the divinity of the God and also gave me a faith that Love never fails and it never gives up.

there’s a power in the name of Jesus

As some of my regular readers already know that I am undergoing certain tough times, not being able to write or interact as frequently, I would like everyone to watch this video and listen to the words.
For a little clarification of the words I am concluding some part of the same below. It said-

“your love never fails, never gives up. never runs out of me.
There’s a power… In the name of Jesus.
There’s a power in the name of Jesus….
….to break every chain, to break every chain, to break every chain.”. The video is linked below.

your Love never fails, never gives up.


15 thoughts on “There’s power in the name of ‘Jesus’

  1. Vikas!! am so happy to hear from you. My other blog has stopped for a while, I just kept this one open to a few people…obviously you were one of those.. but I wondered what had happened to you. Kind wishes my friend, and thanks for beautiful post. Tony

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    1. So kind of you Tony. I was not on wordpress for long. But I always kept myself reminding that Tony is going to Ulingana this December.
      Tony, you asked about my problem. It is actually my ‘everything’ that the people are going to take away from me. I begged for help from almost everyone. and then got a “NO’ and a humiliation from everyone.
      Then finally I turned for God’s help.
      Initially it was hard to believe that God can give us, but somehow I know it now, that He not just can but he will give me what I want. Because I am a child of him.

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      1. As always I wish you good fortune. For me, sometimes I don’t even know if something is bad or good, but then there are times I get pushed to the point where I have to let go of whatever I’m hanging on to. Scary. But I firmly believe it is those times where we grow. It sounds like you have a beautiful revelation and I’m happy for you. Kind wishes, Tony

        Liked by 2 people

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