Hi friends.
I headlined this blog to make it a little catchy and what I wanted to express is equally justifiable with the title.

My ‘about’ section on my blog page doesn’t have anything much about me, so I am writing it here.
I am Vikas Singh from Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) a northern state in India. Graduated in Pharmaceutical Science, I am presently working as a Field Staff ( MEDICAL REPRESENTATIVE) in some Pharmaceutical company.

I have to visit Doctors and pharmacies and the authorized stockists of my company to promote the allopathic medicine brands in my portfolio and finally achieve sales by converting doctors to my brands (obviously from brands of other companies).

I have to visit to hospitals and pvt. clinics of doctors, detail the doctors about the brands (medicines) and also their economical factors and benefits over other combinations of the same medicine using various promotional aids and scientific literatures.
This is a target based job and I have to do my targets by the end of the month.
In return I earn incentives on the targets (other than my fixed salary of course).

I have to leave home at around 8 to 8:30 am. Then I reach the areas assigned to me for my work by driving almost 60 kilometres and some times 110 kilometres one way. Then after working till 3 pm I again leave for home, again driving 60 kilometres.
Now what I felt sorry for, is this.
What actually happens is that besides getting love of all my followers in form of likes and beautiful comments on my blogs I sometimes cheat on you people.
Yes, I do.
And I am able to admit this so fearlessly (and shamelessly) is because I have already put all the excuses in the starting. hee hee.

I often become really so tired of my schedule that I just hit like to the blogs of my good friends and leave the blogs unread. Then the next morning when I am having my tea I go through the blogs.
Sometimes I don’t even get time to go through your blogs for the whole week and in that case I just get an idea of what the blog is about and thus leave a brief comment which can be relevant to the blog. [ If by this time you haven’t abused me, then you are a real friend πŸ˜‰ ]

So this is what I was feeling sorry for.
I hope all you friends understand and expect the same love from you always.
Some friends are always in touch and giving lovely responses always are –

Susan Legihton
Tony Sungdan
O’Shine original
Nikita Nath
Rohit Srivastava
NAPD (Not a porcelain doll)

Love you guys. Also a few days ago some very good friends nominated me for the “Sunshine Bloggers Award”, but I couldn’t follow the criteria and made their efforts waste.
Again Sorry for that guys.
I hope you don’t mind.

Just want to hug you all for your affection.
Love you a lot. ;-* :-^




18 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. Sweet, ha, no apology necessary. I’m getting good at spotting people who come by my blog, just to draw attention to themselves. Sometimes they ‘like’ a post, then you never see them again. Sometimes they ‘follow’ my blog and I know they haven’t read a thing, let alone appreciated my effort!! They just want me to ‘follow’ back so they can say look how many followers I have! Like facebook. I couldn’t care less about numbers, I’m after quality!! I am very happy for you just to read whenever you have time and inclination Vikas. Thanks to you!

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  2. Hey Vikas why say sorry. It is like that with all of us and that is why if I too do not have the time, go and see the next day. I am so blessed to have a friend like you and hearty congratulations for your beautiful award. Keep up the good work. Have a nice day.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Vikas !
    Why see you feeling sorry about it. You have been honest in expressing it.
    Look what Tony has to say and it is true. Just remove that thing from your head.
    Keep writing, blogging and reading when ever you have time. That’s all.

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