finding her stranger in her June dreams

It was a bright day in June, when she lied in her bed looking at the ceiling with no expressions of life on her face. From last three years this has been regularly happening with her between June a…

Source: finding her stranger in her June dreams

22 thoughts on “finding her stranger in her June dreams

    1. No Shahz, that person is real and this is a real life scene.
      Some things are not going well in life but I have a unbreakable faith in the almighty God that he is always holding my hand and he will make everything okay.
      I just need all you good friends wishes and prayers for me.

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                  1. Well!! Here it goes… Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, Devils delight(choc &coffee cake) cinnamon wheels, rasmalai, caramel squares, passion fruit shots, and savouries chicken fingers, kochchi bites, & potato kieves. That was the spread for evening tea on Eid.

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                    1. No. Generally on eid day apart from lunch every household has a spread called Eid table that is set during tea time to welcome guests. Ifthar is breaking fast during Ramadhan.

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  1. Oh yes yes. I confused. That is during Roza.
    Now got it.
    Children may ask for “Eidi” the gifts from the elder.
    People are greeted by Meethi siwain during Meethi Eid (Eid ul juha probably) and the other one is Eid ul adha thag is Bakreed.
    Dont know exact name but its a guess.


    1. Yes Susan i remember you were the second person to like and comment on my blog for the first time I was on wordpress.
      And if you could get some time to shoot a short film on this I will be nominating you for Oscar. 🙂

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