September, 15 -how death changed life

The ones who are new to my page may go through the post linked at the bottom of this blog of mine to know what this one is about.

I remember that day -September 20th, 2015, 7:20 am, when I opened his face-book profile on my laptop. I had to open it because I was not in contact with any of his family members and was also not sure of his condition. He was in ICU till 18th of the same month but he was not good at all. His health was critical.
So being no contacts available to me to know his condition I simply opened his face-book profile when I woke that morning.
My legs were numb while reading to the posts of others on his page. There were messages of mourning and some stating the words -‘in his last times’.
My legs were numb and I was trembling. I don’t know how I gathered my courage to call on someone’s cell and all I could speak was -“did you see posts on his page? They say ….”
That was my last voice call with that someone.
It has been almost a year that he left us.
And I am unable to write about that September anymore in detail.
All I can say with ease is that the September changed my life. I will write about that in detail some day when I have someone by my side to give me some courage sitting near me so that I may not fear by that feeling while penning that down.

It is said that we should not advertise our sorrows and tears, neither I am doing it. I just can’t stop recalling that day as this is September again and I am feeling my heart sinking.
I know that this is now a past but how could I forget him and thus I can not forget that September that changed my life.

I wanted to play Volleyball with him.

17 thoughts on “September, 15 -how death changed life

    1. I am trying Tony and the one thing that i can remember of that time is that it was the first time I turned to Bhagwad Geeta and it has given me courage to come out of the ‘fear’ and grief. and again thanks for your wish Tony.

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    1. Thanks Madhu. Please guide me how can I nominate someone.
      I mean I read the rules and everything but don’t know exactly where to go. I mean if on Sunshine B.A. page I did that but not redirected to any page.


    1. Madhumita ji seems I am kind of dumb in some things. Like both O’Shine and you nominated me. and hey thanks a lot 🙂
      But I am unbale to understand how to nominate some one. I mean I tried to click on the page Sunshine bloggers award page and I am not directed to any page or something where I may find the option. Kindly tell me how to do that.
      I hope no one else reads this comment. hee heee

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      1. You mean how to add a link to someone’s page? Either copy paste the link or on the drafts page, there will be a option called ‘link’ along with all other options such as bold, italic and all. Click on it. Paste the link of blog you want to nominate on the url place. And the name of the page on the second place.


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