I am a Shameless Dog

Have you ever seen a dog, staring at the bakers shop sitting outside of it ??
I am sure you have .
Now guys do you think we are more or less of a dog too ?
Oh please, this is not an insult of the dogs as I have equal respect for them as for our species, neither it is an insult of human beings.
I beg your pardon if it hurts you (or your pet).

Getting into some serious talks I must say that if we are not then we should be like a dog.
I would like to share one passage from some of our old texts meant to instruct a ‘student’ in their life to get success. This is as follows-

“Kaak Chyeshta Vako Dhyanam
Shwan nidra tathaiva ch’
Alpaahaari Grih-tyaagi
Vidyaarthi Pancha-lakshanam”

Meaning – “a student should have an attitude of keep trying like a ‘crow'(Kaak). He should also have a concentration like a ‘heron’, i.e. the ‘Vaka’. He should sleep like a dog that is the kind of alertness a dog (Shwan) possesses. He should eat only as much as required and he should always be ready to leave his house/go out as and when needed to acquire knowledge.” -these are the five virtues of a student.

In this passage the ‘Shwan’ or the dog is featured for the virtue of his alertness but for me there is a broader use of his instincts in our human lives.
Sorry for the word that I chose (Shameless) but this word in particular is for me and you may use some other formal much respectful word for yourselves as related to this.
I started this blog with the sentence asking the readers if they have seen any stray dog sitting outside a bakery and eagerly waiting and hoping for some one coming outside of it, being kind enough to throw a loaf of bread in front of it. I think this scene is not unusual to many of us.
Many of us would have seen these poor fellows waiting under the sun to fill up their starving bellies waiting for some generous hands to spare something for them.
But wait, did I say, “poor fellows” ??
Yeah it seems I said this.
But they are not as much of a subject of pity as one have made them upto this line reading to it.
They might be sitting in the sun for an hour or so, or probably more than a couple of hours too, but they are not sitting like dumbs for the whole day.
The doors of the bakers’ shop may be a hindrance in their feast but ‘this is not it’ for them. Never. They have their instincts getting them ready for the big games.

They are much like the spies of the neighbouring nation preparing for the big games, learning every corner of a city, building and street and almost everything that their satellites can see on earth from the space. So are they. They are more of the Burglar-‘ated’ version of them. They are not going to wait for the generosity of some individual of the species which depended on their ancestors for food, and now on whom they depend -at least the stray dogs do to some extent.
They have their ‘Dog’ thing in them always. They steal, they run, they bite but one thing is sure that they are not going to die hungry.

Some of them who are not aggressive or who have been friends with humans living nearby them, are often sort of ‘optimistic’ but yes are ‘dogs’. I mean they will not bother to get hit by people near whom they use to sit with mouth open and salivating hoping for some piece of what is being devoured by them to reach their mouth too. Often they get successful as most of the humans are mostly humans and they would love every other living thing finding it ‘cute’ to them and making the ‘pity’ thing in their hearts to spare some pieces for them.


But, but , but. There are some lesser humane humans too. Who are ever ready to kick their bums when they are sleeping, without any reason. And such ‘JAs’ would also give them a more of a soccer kick if they dare to look into their faces while they are eating. But again there are “some dogs”.
They are nothing but a more tolerant, and more struggling and more hopeful versions of the previous type. They would take any number of kicks and stones and sticks leaving its marks on their body just to satisfy their hunger. What virtues or behaviours I mentioned in the sentence above may be summed as one word that is -‘SHAMELESS’.

I like these dogs -the ‘shameless’ ones much above any other type. While many of you would think that the previous type which were more of an ‘action dependent’ type which try and plan and work for the outcome, I must say that the latter are more inspiring for me.
” Why ?? ”

Because they don’t steal, they don’t run and take the pain on themselves, stay in the game and finally they get their crumb.
They don’t run when there is no hope. They wait for the lost hope to come again which bring them into the game again.
They fear, they cry in pain, they bear open wounds at numerous places, they starve and on that too they get hit again and again. Some times their limbs broken, eyes scratched, ears bitten by others.
They listen to the abuses passed on to them. They suffocate while energy running out of their body. They don’t have enough power to grab a loaf and run. But they keep hoping, they keep believing, they keep waiting while in pain, but the thing they can’t compromise is their ‘hunger’.

They know that they have to live before they die with energy running out in lack of food. But for living they have to have their hunger satisfied. They will need bread. And their shamelessness will give it to them.
All they have to do is stay shameless.

I want to be one of them -‘a shameless dog’.


6 thoughts on “I am a Shameless Dog

  1. I love dogs for a myriad of reasons but one of them is their ability to love unconditionally. The dog asks nothing of you, doesn’t try to change you. He just wants you to be yourself. So yes, I agree with you Vikas. Dogs have hope and some of them have been my greatest teachers. Thank you again for a thoughtful post.

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