I wanted to play volleyball with him


With his birthday coming nearer I am becoming more and more restless as I am always happy on his birthday too but fearing of the fact that I can’t wish him.
He is not among us. And will be living in some other form of life at some other place, may be between us but we don’t know.
He was a man whom I loved more than I gave respect to him. And I gave him respect more than I loved him. He was like a father to me.
He was a man of honour and principles. He struggled through life. He saw bad times and worse and even worst times in his life but he kept going on. He was a ‘Lion Heart’.
Overcoming all the odds in his life he made a status of himself, folk of people knew him and everyone who knew him, loved him. He was always there with a shining smile entering some hall or event and everyone would turn to him shaking hands with him asking his wellness and paying respect to him.
His day would start with a smile and a strict voice calling his children to wake up and come out of their rooms.166497805
He was good to his son but he was best to his daughter. He was her best friend and first love like every father would be for his daughter. He was his daughter’s King and his daughter was his sweet princess. Sometimes both of them would shout on her brother on some mistake of him and later laughing together –the father and the daughter.
Even her smile resembled him.
He was very cautious not to leave his children alone for long. He was both a mother and a father to the children as their mother also passed away due to some illness few years ago.
The house always seemed empty without her but he always filled that emptiness with his smile. He was quite a fun loving man.

Sometimes he would listen to old songs of regional language in his room without letting anyone know that, as he had to make the image of a tough man in the family too. Hee hee.
He did not forget to watch the TV serial on the legend MAHARANA PRATAP SINGH.
On his regular day he would leave the house for his office in the morning.
But his first job was to look for new career opportunities for his daughter in the newspaper. When he was back he would ask her to try for some job some day and on the other day he would say that the previous job was not better, instead she should try this. This habit of him was confusing to her and she would become frustrated sometimes, haaa haaa.
Still he was loved by and favourite of everyone in the house and outside the house too.
Whenever I talked about him with someone we would not talk about anything else but only him. He deserved that. The kind of parenting he provided to his children was not common. Taking everything to be insignificant, forgetting his every up and down he was the one who did the best for his family.
He was a volleyball player in his college times. And I always imagined of playing volleyball with him. I was a setter. In my imaginations I would imagine positioned myself near the net having him as the hitter. As the first man received the service and would pass the ball to me, I raising the ball for him would shout, “Daddy hit it.”

me 😉

And he would score a point for us latter giving a clap to me. Ha haa
My goodness. I can’t forget his smile; always laughing, always smiling always ready to steal a place in the onlookers’ hearts with his gentle behaviour and a fabulous smile.
I always wished I could play volleyball with him but I know I can’t. But whatever time I spent with him in my thoughts and imaginations was a great time. And I will always keep those thoughts preserved in my heart.
Life is good but it could have been a little better having him with us.father-his-son-sitting-outside-lawn-15742599
I wish him Happy Birthday in advance.



(Images used without a caption are taken from internet with due respect to the owner of the art work acclaiming no rights on the same.)

24 thoughts on “I wanted to play volleyball with him

        1. ha haa yes of course. and don’t know how, before writing this comment I just thought in my mind that, “WHAT HAPPENS IF IT IS A WOMAN OR GIRL ?” and look the same thing happened to me.
          I think I have developed my sixth sense. hee hee


            1. yes yes while browsing though your page I thought that if you meant “KAMAL” because the featured image was of a lotus and then thought that the name might be “kamaal”
              But name is not as significant as our works are.


  1. Vikas- what a very moving post my friend. I know how you feel. There are many days when I want to talk to my mother and my grandmother but they are no longer with me. The same with my father. We just have to hold on to the fact that they know how we feel about them and that someday you will be able to have your volleyball game and I will be able to have my conversations. Thank you for this article.

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        1. He is (was) not my real father but he was my best friend’s(and beloved’s father).
          We both knew about each other but did not meet.
          What she told me about him kept me living an imaginary life with him and his family.
          I did not know how to respond to your comment so just replied a smiley in response to your comment.
          He often made pleasant jokes about me indirectly with her and this felt very very sweet to me.
          The coincidence is that after his death i have also lost her due to some reason. We are separated but I am damn sure and hopeful that she will be mine someday and we will live those moments together with sweet memories of Daddy.

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        2. Also when some day I told her that it has veen a long time that I played a volleyball match with my friends, she replied like, ” wowwww daddy is also good at it and both of you will enjoy each other’s company being in a volleyball team.
          But ….

          Liked by 1 person

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