Indian wedding, food and dance

At my friend’s lunch party

A wedding ceremony is a pious occasion in any culture where two persons get associated for the life with each other and become a husband and wife to each other. Here in India this means a lot.
A wedding is not only pious but a fun too especially for those attending it.

My friend -the groom in the middle.

An Indian marriage ceremony starts with in-home musical program of women and girls at both boy’s and girl’s houses. With the days of the marriage coming nearer these musical programs start becoming ‘food-programs’ as lunches and dinners are organised for the neighbours and relatives and friends at own house be it the girl or the boy.

My friend’s father near me

Here I am featuring the photos of one of my friend’s wedding who got married in a typical ‘old-school’ style but being honest it was much more of a fun for me compared to those high class marriage ceremonies I mostly attend.

Here are parts of his marriage -the events and the programs and of course the fun I had there.
One day prior to the marriage the lunch party was organised at his home. Where I got a chance to get introduced to his family and relatives for the first time and obviously had my lunch (most enriching part of any event for me).

The next day we moved towards the bride’s house for the wedding.
As I am a photo enthusiast, a temple (place for worshiping of HINDUs in India) at once grabbed my attention as soon as I entered their village. As it was built near a water pond between the trees it looked scenic and. ..

My God is always with me everywhere.

I quickly stolen this chance of getting myself shot after I bowed to the temple for prayer.

Let’s have some fun

In the mean time the DJ that the bride’s family arranged for the dance event started playing some tunes on Bollywood songs and we boys were all ready to hit that.
I usually do not start the dance in any event but here majority of the people from my friend’s family were middle aged or children. So I had to take the chance. Need not to say

Dancing in the streets of bride’s village

as soon as I started doing a few steps most of the children joined me in the dance. And one by one most of the people from our side jumped in, even some were dragged into the middle of the dance by me.
While this ‘dance’ part of any marriage ceremony goes on, the groom is seated on a horse or a mare and we move towards the bride’s house dancing upto some distance.

Isn’t my style so funny ??

One by one I almost dragged everyone with me and made them dance even my friend tried a little while on the horse.

No one can stop once the beats are on.

After enjoying the dance we reached the gates of some old ‘school’ building where the wedding was organised. The groom then was greeted by the ladies and the girls of the bride’s family.

Fun dance



With groom’s brother on the left in spectacles


At the gates, on the horse.

After this was over we were feeling hungry having all our energy wasted being happy in some other fellow’s marriage.

Serious discussions

While being photographed with friends and families by the photographer we hired, we were looking for the lunch arrangements.


click it

And finally at the ‘MID DAY MEAL’ hall (program run by Indian govt. for getting every pupil of the school have food and education together in backward areas) we found the lunch ready.

Mid day meal menu written in Hindi for the school students.

We then enjoyed the food and took a rest for some time sitting in front of the fans to cool ourselves.


Annoying when someone shoots you while eating.

As everyone was done having lunch, the marriage ceremony started. The program started with the ‘Pandit’ -the priest setting things in place for performing the rituals. And then the bride’s maternal uncle brought the bride at the place by picking her off the ground, where the wedding ceremony was  to be performed.

Bride is picked off the ground by the maternal uncle bringing her to the place of ceremony


The priest then started the rituals of the marriage by enchanting ‘SHLOKAs’ which are a set of holy scriptures written in our ‘VEDAs’ -the holy books and other holy scriptures.
The most unique and most interesting part of Indian marriages are the sacred vows that both the bride and the groom take to be with each other for their life and in the future lives after death, in front of the sacred ‘AGNI’ -the fire.
After that they encircled around the ‘holy fire’ seven times which are indicative of the seven vows they take with each other and the seven reincarnations as human beings on this earth.

Marriage ceremony with the priest performing rituals


After then they were declared husband and wife to each other by the priest.
Role of the priest almost ended up here and now it was the time for the family and the friends to give them blessings and having photographs of them.

Photo session


As soon as the family and the relatives were done from both sides, it was our turn now. We had some fun time with the bride and groom together talking to each other and having ourselves shot by the photographer.

Fun time


Ahhh, the most important role of mine in any public event -being a nanny. Yes fortunately children used to be more friendly to me and obey me by the blessing of God and thus I am called every time some of them create a mess. Here ‘Mannat’ – the niece of the groom was a little sad and started crying for not finding her friends at there to play with and obviously I played with her for some time.

Me with Mannat


In the mean time, the bride was made ready to finally shift to her new house and her goods prepared to be carried with along with some gifts that the groom got from her family as a tradition. Her friends accompanied her to the car along with others in her family and this was an emotional moment for the girl as she has to now leave her parent’s house and shift in a new house and a new environment.

Bride all set for her new life.


As soon as the bride got into the car everyone from the groom’s family now took a fair well from the bride’s family and all ready to move back to the groom’s place.
While this kind of ceremonies used to be in fashion many years back when there were limited sources of either income or facilities and everything was to be managed very carefully especially the monetary factors were to be considered with utmost importance.
Here in my friend’s case everything was to be arranged in least time thus this arrangement was done which was really a unique and memorable moment for me.
So finally everyone got into their vehicles and we were on our way back to our home with two persons now being soul mates for each other with us heading towards their new life.
In such ceremonies I keep imagining myself getting my ‘someone’ as the partner of my life hoping that the day is not so far when I would be sitting on the horse at her house gate.

Coming soon

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    1. So kind of you Susan.
      You always put such wonderful words in comment box.
      I think I am addicted for your comments now. And always be waiting for especially your reactions on my writing.
      So sweet of you. 🙂


  1. Vikas, what a delight to see these pictures. You liked a comment of mine on Mukul’s post then were kind enough to follow my new blog Ulingana (I run 2 blogs, which gets confusing!! that one and So I came to have a look at yours. Beautiful. Well met sir, I repay the compliment and start to follow your blog. I also loved your writing about the lady you now call your sister. I think you have a very open and honest style if I may say. Kind wishes, Tony

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    1. Right Tony sir. I read your comment in which you mentioned about a little African girl which I liked very much.
      Any helping hand is like God for me. I liked and intentionally followed your blog as i will also be waiting for your next visit to africa and yes photos of that little African girl too.


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