The Dining table with two chairs

It was around 9:30 pm a day before when I was on my way to home. Getting so much tired I thought of stopping somewhere to stretch a little and have a cup of tea. But also getting late I was unable to decide whether I should stop or not.
So I didn’t  stop anywhere and kept driving.


After driving a little further I unconsciously turned towards the subway which led to that restaurant where I mostly used to have lunch or dinner when got late and sometimes even had my breakfast while I left home early for the job.
Being there was not solely purposed to eat or drink for me, but it was the place where I could sit a few minutes and talked to her on phone or had a chat with her. Most often she used to say not to waste time outside home and reach home as early as possible and I requested her a few more minutes to converse with her. She sending a smiley then used to ask about how my day was, what things I did, occasionally kissing me and hugging me on the phone calling me by variety of sweet names she assigned to me.

Taken with Lumia Selfie

It used to be the nicest moment of my day whenever I talked her or chat with her on the phone and all my tiredness used to go away instantly as I saw the smiley face that she used to text me with a ‘Hi”. And I quickly leaving everything in between would grab my phone to answer her.

The reason I loved going there, the thing that made me spend time in that restaurant was the middle row of the dining area which used to be a row of tables with two chairs facing each other. Even when I was not talking to her I used to sit their looking on the opposite chair where I would imagine her sitting with me doing nothing but smiling and looking into my eyes. I remained lost in her imaginary image for more than just a few minutes to a full hour sometimes until some waiter would request me if I could leave the table for some other people and sit at one of the tables outside the dining area.

Kind of smiling looking at that chair as if I were talking to her asking her, “let’s go”, I would leave the table with her image in my eyes and always thinking that I will take her to that restaurant some day. This used to be the end of my day almost every time. And I still love sitting on the ‘dining table with two chairs’ spending time with her.



I would see couples and families coming there and keep imagining that someday she will accompany me to this place and we will have the best time of our lives being together.
I love her. She is not with me but she will be some day.
My heart says it.
That empty chair says it.




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