Why you shouldn’t die when you are dying

Birth of a new life

Some day on some hospital bed, your mother gives you birth.
Since then you are one among the others in your species and your worth as significant as any other’s would be, being a human.
You inherited all the traits which your father and mother would possess in their genes. Some people even say that you looked like your parents or even your grandparents. You are given a name which is your identity now. You are being known by this name.
You live with this name. And later you have to die with it.
What in between?


You are as beautiful as life is.

In between you have to ‘live’ the life you are given. You complete your education, you love, you get in relationship, and you get married.
Some day you get admitted in some hospital being diseased. Sometimes you were cured and sometimes it took longer. You met accident some time. Your legs broken, your skull fractured, your impulse gone. But you did not die. You keep living. When you are not conscious you are weaved with the canulas and catheters, put on ventilator, and every physical activity of yours monitored on computers. Doctors and nurses and relatives running around you not letting you die, when you are just about to die. Medicines injected in your veins, defibrillators pressed on your chest, everyone looking at the strange line on the computer praying it not to be straight and doing everything for it. Every one working for your life not letting you die. And you did not care about.
Did you really not care?



If you really didn’t care of living at that time you might have died earlier. You are not conscious. But you don’t die because more than anyone else it is you who is not giving up on life. It is you who is not letting yourself die somewhere beneath your lost consciousness.
You did not die because you know you have yet a purpose to live for. You know in your subconscious state that you can’t die because you have not lived yet. You don’t let yourself die.

Hope is greater than death

All in the attempt of doctors and medicines and prayers and wishes you don’t die. You open your eyes some day on the hospital bed, where continuous beep sounds of the monitors go and people gathering around you. Some, having tears in their eyes, some smiling, some talking with others pointing towards you. And you unable to talk keep looking at their faces. While some of them may come near you talking to you and you hear but cant reply as your words are blurry and incomplete from the result of this trauma.
A few minutes past and the doctor quickly orders everyone not to spend much time with you trying to talk to you or creating a crowd near you, letting you take rest as you would not be recovered till then.

Death is ultimate but before that a beautiful life awaits you to live

They all go out and later watching you from the window glass of the I.C.U. and the nurses then changing your drip bottles and injecting you medicines time to time, check your details on the monitors and note it down, placing your file somewhere on the table near you and then moving towards some other bed.
You keep watching all this that is happening with and around you. And you don’t understand anything except that something happened to you in which you could have been died but you didn’t.
You relaxed and sleeping most of the time, keep lying for hours and days. Some day the doctor says that now you can get a little up to sit with your back supported at the specialized folding beds and may take solid foods.


Till this time you are able to talk without any problem. And people come to you asking you how did you feel and assure you that everything is okay and you could go home soon. Everything is going on as such and you don’t bother about your job, or your friends or your love and just trying to recover from the trauma.
Now you start recalling your life before the accident and with all the purposes of your life in your vision again, you now eager to get off the bed completely and start walking on your own so that you may start working again on your life.
You didn’t die and given another chance to live which you do not waste and blessed with this opportunity you are eager to stand on your own and walk and run and go to your job and start looking at that farfetched dream

Death and Life are equally true -what do you want before you die?

of your life which you left amidst, though not willingly, when you became the victim of some bad things that happened to you. That trauma let you take a halt to refresh and reformat yourself with all your systems of body and mind now fully capable of looking at that thing that you left, again.
Likewise there will be numerous bad things happening in your life again and again which will brake you, which will force you to think that you are defeated, some of those will leave you almost dead but you don’t die because something will again and again be forcing you to get back into the life again and again, and you seeing your life more and more clearly again and again, will rise and run towards your life.IMG-20160313-WA0002
It will not be the doctors then, or the nurse, or the medicines, or the people, the friends or your love around you that will not let you die, but it will be you and only you. You will be the one who will not let you die whatever happens in your life.
For that you must have to envision some things in your life of future. You have to affirm yourself the purposes for what you are living. You have to find reasons of not dying with your dreams, your purposes left in between, left unaccomplished.
You have to rethink of your worth, how much you are scared, how much you are broken, how much you find yourself defeated; you have to have a faith on your faith. Further you have to develop a heart which is never empty of hope. Whatever negative thoughts come to your mind, whatever negative things you see in front of you, whatever negative experiences you get in your life, you have to keep believing that your purpose and your life was not so worthless that you die that early. You have to find reasons that why you shouldn’t die when you are dying.
Death is nothing but cessation of dreams and ambitions, and wishes and purposes, making it irrelevant and unrelated to anything or any person who was earlier existing and who now doesn’t, leaving everything vanished in the void of time.
Not letting this ‘death’ stop you from living your life, you have to find as many reasons as you can, and that ‘one’ particular reason that you were living for till now. It is important that you find that ‘one reason’ to keep living and once you find that one reason you not allow even death to stop you.


It’s your dream, it’s your life and you have to live for your ‘life’.
You have to.


(Some of the images, not captioned are taken from internet with due respect to the owners claiming no rights on the same.)


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