Mag says, “Love will make a way”

Well need not to give any introductory start to this blog of mine, I would start from here.
A few days ago when some friend of mine shown concern to me, on my unavailability on the social site ‘FACEBOOK’ and not being in contact with her for long, asked about my problem what I was facing that time. Since she was stranger to me and just became friends with me on some photography group on the internet, I hesitated telling my problem to some one whom I didn’t know and who was continents away from me.

Whom I didn’t meet in my life and I don’t know if I would meet her in my life or not, I requested her something.

I asked, “friend I don’t know you but I want some one to hug me right now. And being unknown to you I hesitate telling you my problem. So can I call you my sister?”

She then replied, “My sweet li’l brother, here I am for you. Now come on tell me why are you so disappointed?”
On this I told her about my problem and that I was about to die that time.

Listening to me patiently she said, “My brother, there is only one thing in life which is worth fighting for and that is ‘LOVE’. If you were true to your love, you need not to worry because “Love will make a way”.

All you need to have is a faith that nothing bad can happen to you till you keep a hope in your heart and till you keep believing in love.

You need to believe one more thing that God is always ready to give you when you pray from your true feelings. All you have to do is to wait and watch and never let the hope die.

This was a short conversation between her and me. A stranger would give me so much courage and hope, was kind of unbelievable. And all I wondered was that how could I make a relation with some stranger so quickly and without a hesitation. But there was an answer too. When we are devoid of ‘ways’ and ‘action’ and ‘hope’ completely still there exist moments, or instances in life when hope, in some form knocks our doors and give us the courage of not losing. As long as there are good people in this world, there occurs good times with those who are experiencing it, there are good reasons to keep believing on someone and something, there is no losing and no fear.

Well my ‘internet sister’ now keeps wishing me good morning on internet when I am sleeping and she wakes up as the time zones of our countries are very much different. We don’t talk much and remain confined to regular good morning messages and comments on face book posts but she keeps asking me if I am okay or not.

At some point in life we may give up on actions but hope remains deep in our hearts. And having hope in heart and faith on God, every bad will be transformed into good and you never lose; because ‘LOVE WILL MAKE A WAY.”
*Here are a few images that I picked up from internet as I was not initially willing to post anything today, still little inspired from these I wrote this. I hope you enjoy the photo story of mine as the picture gallery below.

animal_love3 - Copy - Copy
You were convinced so easily 🙂
In the world of our dreams
With you it’s more fun than formality.
animal_in_love45 - Copy - Copy
All my devotion is for you.
Home sweet home.
Always there for you.
When I am tired you lie on my back.
animals in love 005 - Copy - Copy
Kind of support I always get from you.
Your love is tranquilising.
black-and-white-wallpaper-with-two-wolves-and-a-full-moon-hd-animal-background - Copy - Copy
Feeling separated but not for long.
As far as there is love there will be ways.
animal love (17) - Copy - Copy
I may not always be available to pamper you, but hope will.
Bad time may be as slow to pass but with the same pace I will keep believing in good one. - Copy - Copy
And some day we fly together.




(All the images are taken from internet with due respect to the owners of the art work acclaiming no rights on the same.)

12 thoughts on “Mag says, “Love will make a way”

    1. So sweet of your words Susan ma’am. You know when there is only the “hope” left with you and someone favours you it feels great and this in turn strengthens your faith. Thanks for your so supportive words. 🙂

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