God and me

I searched God when ever I needed him. In temples, in images, at places. But I didn’t find


Universe created with a ‘BIG BANG’ ? And before that..??

Most of the times it made me rethink about his existence.

I did things, and I did more, and I did even more and asked God to accompany me in every

act of mine.

Flowers don’t have brain; then who tells them all the things, who is the father ?

But he didn’t. Now it made me doubt on his existence.

I cried in pain and asked him to prove himself. He didn’t.

It made me sure that he isn’t there, nowhere. Nothing alike.

Where do the ‘instincts’ come from -the DNA?

One day some one calls my name when I sleep with lights of my room off.

Darkness is where he is found

I didn’t see him but the voice still calls my name. He tells me that this is not over. The one

whom I was calling and asking to justify what I did never does as and when we want it to be

done. He has his own way and..

Now who tells this thing to become red ? Father or the mother ?

timing. Giving up is a choice but not an option.

Start disbelieving is an inclination. Beliefs are developed but faith is not. Faith is acquired

and kept when nothing seems like ‘possible’.

Who coloured this?

Faith is not thinking that “God can” but knowing that “He will” (by unknown).

Scientists say that genes specify patterns.

If you have faith in God, you must have to handover yourself to him and keep believing

that the thing you need is always given to you. You have to keep believing on him and

on his timing.

Rings or wrinkles !

If you are suspicious about him go and look around things living and non living and try to

justify their being in this universe on what ever scientific or philosophical or on what ever

basis you want and..

How do you manage to live ?

go deep. When you get or not get the answer, then speak to yourself that you have been

assigned a purpose being on this earth and it was assigned to you not by humans but some

one else. And believing on his purpose will force you to believe on him. What else is

needed? When having such faith on God you leave yourself on his will, and you believe on

his purpose, believe that what you pray for is necessary for you and believe that no other

power except him is able to or will give it to you on his time, then you will be free from

worry, free from fear of losing your thing, and free from any doubt that you may not be

given what you want and what you pray for.

Non-living ??

And you now have found God whom you were looking for at places but who was residing

somewhere inside you. Now you call him when you need him. Now you believe on him and


Hundreds of thousands of years of continuous raining to make oceans before the first life emerged from them. Some one had the blue prints??

you know that what is in you heart, “is yours” and no one can take it away from you as

long as you and your God are working together for your purpose. He is there. He is with..

Sun has a ROLEX.


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