I will always be posing for you

Being with you
When I met you I found myself. In fact I lost myself and in this losing myself for you I found the real me in myself. Till now I would be shy to stand before a camera

444444444 012
as I thought that this was not for me, to pose differently every time to get cool pictures of mine.
For me it was a silly thing which I didn’t know at that time why people would waste so much time in taking pictures of them to impress others. But once I met you I got the answer myself. It was then me, who was always seeking places and opportunities to take a shot of mine making fancy poses just to show you that how cool I looked and that you like it (me).
From my childhood, the camera used to be an integral part of my life. When a child I used to fear the flash of the it and its clicking sound of the shutter for why I would not let anyone shoot me or even try to make me stand in front of it. Meanwhile posing I would start crying most of the times. And people would tempt me by giving candies or chocolates just to plea that I give a few more seconds to the photographer so that he may take an impression of mine on the black roll of plastic.

just about to run


It was kind of messy for the family to organize a photo shoot as I would run every time away when got a hint that the monster is in the house again.
Well as I grew, I found that this thing is not sparing me anywhere; be it the school functions or events or picnics or weddings. It was kind of chasing me everywhere. The benefit of this chasing has resulted into me being used to this thing and I posed calmly now.

Identify me. Am sure you can’t.
Now as I met you, I fell in love with you. I would do every possible thing to make you happy which also included taking photographs of mine from different angles, in different environments, at different places with different expressions and poses. Sometimes I would try to be what I wasn’t making weird hair styles and experimenting in my dressing too. And you would tell me that how funny I looked.


Taken with Lumia Selfie
me, a “CHAMPU” for you
Sometimes I would stretch my arms for you pretending that I am being embraced by you.
In shopping malls I took ice creams and ask you to have that with me by sending you the pictures on your phone and you saying, ‘yumm’ by texting me.

You kept asking for my photos when I was hanging out with friends.
My festivals were not as festive if I couldn’t send you a photo of. And I also never forgot to make you laugh with my funny poses pretending some friend of mine to be you.

Taken with Lumia Selfie
P.. are you looking at me ?

“HOLI” is a festival of colours and in this you can’t identify anyone.

If this would be my TITANIC with my “You” then my ship needed no Ice-burg.
I love you and I say this with my photos. You would praise my dressing sometimes, love my gestures, find me cool some other time and keep looking my photos once we were not talking.
Sometimes in all the joyful time when we felt separated due to some reason I would become so thin, losing my health in a worry about you.


You would also have a feeling of guilt deep in your heart that how couldn’t you took care of me. Still we would always overcome the setbacks of our lives with a strong bond of love and faith and start living again our lives together. Still I keep posing for you and will always be. You once made a place in my heart and you still have it.

We are again feeling separated for some reason, but my heart says that the day is not so far when we meet again and love each other endlessly with the help of God and again

We will be posing for each other.
I love you “MEETHI”.
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