In the selfless world

I am pathetic. For some I am reserved, for others I am too much. They all have different criteria to judge me. And most odd thing is that they try to convince me that I am what they think. And if I continue to be me then I am rude and I don’t care for those around me. I am ignorant and I am worthless.
Many times when they use to make fun of someone, I oppose. And as I oppose then they leave everything as such and start making fun of me. If they speak ill of some girl pointing towards her body and I oppose then for them I am a gay having no interest in girls. If they think that I should eat a burger and I order a sandwich then I have no taste neither do I have a sense of eating. If they click “selfies” and I shoot bugs and birds and flowers then I am
If they think that I must not tuck in my shirt and I tuck in then I am not a party guy and pathetic.
If they drink and I don’t then I am not a grown man.
People live pretending most of the times throughout their lives and they seek satisfaction in satisfying others for what they like or dislike. In the mean time if someone around them tries to live his life without any opinion from others then they find that how miserable they themselves are. As they can do nothing on challenging themselves living a new life of their own they start pulling back the one who live his life on his own terms. They find themselves defeated and in turn can’t see others grow or live freely. Friends we have been raised in an environment of pretending. Our parents did, their parents did and their parents did. So this is a kind of genetic trait that has been passed onto us and develops with our growing minds. We in our comfort zones never try to independently decide what is right or wrong for us. But we seek opinions from others.
We as our grown selves are nothing else but a stack of imposed thoughts and preferences on our personality and self by others. And we keep passing on the same thing in our children. We keep telling them what is the right subject they should chose, what is the right game they should take part in, what is the right thing, what is the right time? And the trait goes on passing from generation to generation.

And we are unaware of that where is this leading us to? As a human species I can see our future like a vine which can’t stand on its own without a support. Faded faces having no joy of having their selves; making expressions and smiling and crying depending on the need of the circumstances most careful of what someone around

expressionless-faces will think if they do this or that. And we are satisfied in that. We are enjoying a fake life of ourselves where actually the word “self” is having no existence. A “self less” world yet happy and satisfied.




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