The smaller world where I live

My Home and my playground


It was in 2011 when I got my second phone having a 5 megapixel camera as a birthday gift from my father. It was a camera with a xenon flash that did well in capturing good photos of almost everything close to it. It also captured distant objects and landscapes equally well but it was the zoom in issue that most of the time kept compelling me keeping the camera lens as close to the objects as possible.

The Helipad on my terrace

Since before I got this device there was no such thing like photography in my life, so it was a kind of learning thing with this device for me. When I got this phone as a birthday gift from my father, I got a little annoyed and angry as I demanded a fully touch enabled smart phone from my father and as my father not so much versed with the knowledge of devices bought me this as a gift. Well as I got this phone in my hands I started exploring its functioning and applications and then finally as I opened the camera my eyes went on the object that the camera (phone) was focusing at that time. It was a butterfly sitting on a stone. I curiously brought the phone camera near it and from settings enabled the macro mode and wow, it was a clear and beautiful image of a small creature yet in its bigger form from its image in the phone. Since then I kept searching for smaller things which could be captured and later projected on some screen with so big image making the experience of being a dwarf in the world of giant creatures of a giant world.

Talking to myself

As I learnt how smaller objects can be captured and presented well and in an interesting way, I was never looking back. I wasted hours trying to shoot ants in their furrows, jumped behind the frogs, chased snakes, captured berries, flowers, flies, grass, stones and almost everything that was small and that could be captured.
As I always enjoyed being with myself in my loneliness and try to do things that felt good for me, I started enjoying this and it soon became a passion for me.
People used to laugh when I tried to shoot some kingfisher and it kept flying away again and again. Because the device had only a 5 megapixel camera with only digital zoom in option (which created grainy images on zooming in) when I chased some object which is living, for getting closer view of it was kind of annoying to leave the whole attempt wasted as such objects would be living most of the time and these didn’t like presence of some two legged animal with strange thing in his hands in their proximity.
So instead of trying for birds I now started focusing on smaller creatures which used to be mostly bugs, rodents, flowers, vegetation, or bigger animals like cattle and dogs and many such living and non living things.

I can camouflage

It was very relaxing having my camera phone (better say phone camera) with me all the time, while I walked, I drove, I played or I am in the crop fields and almost everywhere.
It was the only thing that made me happy and when I showed some one my images on the laptop finding such a detailed image of a small object so big and clear to their eyes made them feel amazed that how exactly that thing looked. And seeing them amazed made me double happy when they praised my work.

Choppers of today are a copy of mine

People kept suggesting me that I should buy a professional camera and keep doing this thing on a serious level, which also let me think of it sometimes. But amidst of my routine works and planning of future (to earn money) did not let me think seriously of it. I kept updating camera phones from time to time and finally reached 8 megapixels from a 5 megapixel. I kept limited to “time-pass photography”,


So you think, I am drunk ?


shot variety of things, got appreciations, praises for them, got suggestions to try this as a profession but in the so busy life of mine trying to earn money and relations I could not get enough time to think about it. People use to say that I am not too old to make a start again but I don’t think I can.

Life is a spider web and I am a web crawler


As life has a completely new meaning now and has certain limitations too for why I can’t think of it now. But as it used to be my best time some day, it deserved writing about it making use of some of my images which I am adding into this blog. Recalling that time I can simply smile that how crazy I was for that 5 megapixel camera !

I am back to home

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