My window seat and the “CHAI WAALA”


“Chai.., chai..”
It was around 7 am when my eyes opened and I quickly asked somebody the time when he was grabbing the cup of tea from the window of our sleeper non-ac coach.
I was told that it was 7 in the morning. I stretched and yawned and started coming down on the lower berth where my reservation was confirmed for the window seat.
Still that lady was affixed on my window seat with her son crying for almost everything he saw across the window and which seemed like edible and colourful. I requested her if she could give me my seat so that I may take out my tooth brush out of my bag which I put below the seat and on which her sandals already enjoy their sovereignty lying above my bag.indian-railway-station-sumit-mehndiratta
I somehow grabbed her sandals and placed them aside dusting my hands and trying to grab my toothbrush. And ..ahh I finally find it. It was a matter of a second or two that she quickly jumped on to my seat again as I stood up to go to the wash basin to brush my teeth. Kind of annoying, I know.
Well I go to the wash basin near the doors where already some passengers gargling and looking into the mirror making odd faces to see if their faces haven’t changed since night and affirming it a hundred times compelling me to ask them to leave the turn for me. Gazing into the eyes of my reflection in the mirror one of them leaves the space. I then open the tap to wet my brush and start rubbing my teeth. After I have finished I ask almost every passenger in my way that if they see any “chai waala” –the tea seller and getting a NO from everyone. I then patiently wait on my seat for the tea sellers to come and finally find one. Who at once recognises my washed fresh face knowing that I was waiting for no one but him? He asks “Babu ji,chaiwallah-on-train how many cups?” and I say him just one from the gesture of my index finger. He quickly grabs me the tea cup from which the flavour of cardamom would be coming already and which enriches my soul with the freshness of the morning like no other thing can (of course also the girl whom I love can also make my day with her smile).
While I hold the cup and start sipping my tea handing the “chai wala” his money the scene of the station having passengers moving here and there create the scene of an imaginary world where in I feel like I am made for this journey lost in my dreams of my love, my life with her and every possible happiness that I can have in my future. Where I fly high in the sky with her, where everything is dreamy with clouds of mist and an aura of light is covering everything. I am insensible for everything happening around me till the siren of the train blows and with a backward jerk of the engine and my coach the empty cup falls on the window railings where I place it after I finished the tea. Grabbing the empty cup carefully I take a keen look on my pant if there is any spill of the tea on it. Then throwing the cup outside the window I feel satisfied leaving my dreams amidst that finally I am


on my window seat again.

(All the images are taken from Internet with due respect to the owners and not claiming any right on them.)

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