My Tea addiction

May Lord have mercy on my teeth as I don’t want to lose them early. As I always use to write a “HEE HEE..” when ever I want draw some fun out of something; the same “hee hee” will not be as useful without my teeth as with them.

Friends you know that everyone has enemies outside and inside of him/her, the later is more harmful than the outer enemy. This internalised enemy is often in the form of some bad habit. Well I got one too. That is having lots and lots of tea. I got this trait in my DNA from my great grand parents. Though my father did not inherit this trait or he kind of had controlled the same because he is a man who keeps himself always busy, be it sleeping for hours when he got no significant work to do. Hee hee.

Hey, you noticed ?


Okay I was talking about my habit of tea.

When I got my admission in 6th standard when we first came to Haryana in 2000 I had to undergo a transition in my food habits. As before coming here we lived in West Bengal where the chief food was rice and I almost did not like any other thing that has an appearance and taste other than rice. Here I had to have “Chapati”, a thin bread like food made by rolling wheat floor dough round in shape and then cooked on “Tawa”. I had to frequently eat this thing and I honestly did not like it. In that case my mother would most of the time add salt and green chillies onto the dough before rolling in into a chapatti and apply mustard oil or “Ghee” (an animal fat) and then would give it to me with tea to change my taste. From there I got this “short cut food” (hee hee) which most of the time I asked her to cook for me by myself. Since then I haven’t looked back. (Laugh..)

Now as I grew with this potion of my life, I got addicted to it and most of the time when I had nothing to do I would have a cup of tea.

In my college times even, tea used to be my favourite time pass when ever I felt lonely (most of the time) as I would walk a few miles to some place where there used to be a small tea shop (a kind of hut made of grass with wooden panels used as the flooring) with a small earthen furnace (BHATTI or ANGITHI) which used wood blocks and coal for the fire on which they made the tea. These kind of small shops are called “GUMTI” or “DHAABLI” in Uttar Pradesh and “KHOKAA OR KHOKHAA” in

I used to sip my tea lost in my imaginations of life and being with my loneliness.There was only one thing to keep me feel not lonely and that was the tea.

Many times I quit having tea and got it back again and again.
Sometimes my New year resolution would be to quit tea but…

I don’t know if I can leave it completely or not but green-tea there is still a lots of flavours left which are yet to be “explored” till I am alive.

(All the images are taken from internet with due respect to the owners of the same, not imposing any claim or right on them.)

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