Audi in India


Speaking of luxury be it in homes, life style, dressing or anything the topic can not be left with out the mention of a shining beautiful car.
Here in India some fans of collecting vintage cars has been well known for example Rana Arvind Singh of Rajasthan, who is having some of the editions of Rolls Royce and some other piece of luxury wheels which every car lover would like to put a hand on.
But speaking about practicality the main question arises that what car will suit an Indian customer as the roads are always ready to test its worth in every respect be it the mileage, the off-roading capacity, the feel inside the cabin and many more.
While in these behaviours some of the high end SUVs will suit the preference of an Indian, but the question remains the same that what an average luxury lover can afford?img_1254

Here the AUDIs fulfil the need. Yes though these may not be as good as the Range Rovers in terms of off-roading (which honestly a Range Rover owner would also not do), but in terms of practicality plus luxury, AUDIs are the best.
While one can easily pick an A3 sedan from the Honey Comb, most of the AUDI lovers will go for an A4. Provided with the innovative S-Tronic technology (don’t know how do they write it) these cars are hassle free in almost all road conditions be it the city or the country side (the rural areas). They are good in terms of mileage, have impressive ground clearance compared to its other German competitors in sedan section.
Have unique day time running lights which are a characteristic feature of AUDI.

The SUV section is also quite impressive starting from Q3 and Q5 and Q7 having plenty of space for long cruises and pretty good ground clearance to avoid bumps and provide a smooth ride with the family or friends.

I will not mention the other A8, RS, S or R8s because in this I am speaking strictly about a practical AUDI and with increasing range the main factor is to be compromised in case of an Indian customer as mileage goes on decreasing (though some models even do better in terms of mileage in high end models too).img_1253

I preferably like AUDIs compared to other cars is because of its front. I think the front of the AUDIs (specially sedans) are more harmonically arranged (though this may not be the proper technical term, as I am philosophical too. he he) than any other car. Also the AUDIs are more straight from the sides aerodynamically which gives it a more executive look compared to some funky looking more expensive ones. So this is my choice.
Being honest I am not having any car till date but I would like to have an Audi when I am out with my loneliness spending some time with my self.

(The image used in taken from internet with due respect to the owner of the same.)

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