The girl whose name is “Pink”

It’s hard for anyone one in the house to spot her waking up in the morning. It is rather the time she is about to leave the house after cooking the breakfast for everyone, for her ‘Beauty and Make over’ classes when people start leaving their beds. And yes before leaving she doesn’t forget to do a small conversation with her friends who need her and who don’t.
She doesn’t forget it. And she is then out for a few hours attending her classes. When at many points she imagines herself being a TV actress and loves to stay lost in her dreams.
She at intervals keeps preparing her dialogues for the play she would be taking part in the next week. She keeps on mastering her dance steps when she finds herself alone in the class and no one is there to see her. chitresh_das
After the classes are over she heads back to her house. Coming back she lies down for a brief moment on her bed when suddenly she wakes up with the sound of the air that caresses the leaves of the trees while flowing through them creating a soothing environment out there on the roof where the sun playing hide and seek with the clouds and then finally giving up over the darkening sky with the clouds covering the face of the earth. There she would stretch her arms looking towards the dark sky forgetting everything for a few moments and feeling deep her real self in her.
Her breaths long and enriching her soul with the freshness of this weather. The sky then suddenly starts sprinkling tiny drops of water over her and she being refreshed like a lotus flower, keeps standing as such all ready to imbibe the downpour within her. She remains lost in herself closing her eyes. She accompanies the clouds in their job until they are all finished and empty. Even after the sky is clear she is standing stunned with the colours of the rainbow that is formed in the sky after the downpour.                                                               Girl-Enjoying-Rain-HD-Wallpaper-DesktopIt is when the rain is over, the rain bow vanished in the sky and everything looked washed and fresh that she steps down stairs towards her room. Feeling the joy of a child in her she comes in and picks up the towel to dry her hairs when she stops by the mirror after seeing her reflection in it. She now poses in front of the mirror placing a crown which could be made of anything, feeling like a queen.
After drying herself she now reaches her study table and remains lost in her books for hours trying to make her all set and prepared to face the examinations of her life that she has to attend for making her dreams come true.
She cooks the dinner for the family and occasionally chatting with her best friend on the phone. After feeding everyone in the family and cleaning the dishes setting everything in place and managed properly she returns back into her room.
She now opens her computer where she would keep in touch with her good friends. She does long conversations with her friends, guides some, assures some for being available for them whenever they needed her, encouraging some to keep moving on the road of their aim, inspires some of not giving up in the battle of life and stand again to face it.
She like a Rubik’s cube has multiple colours, multiple arrangements for every individual who is attached with her trying to simplify everyone but jumbled in herself. But she is kind of stubborn in herself expecting no one to solve her but her. She is self sufficient, capable, strong and determined.girl-determined
She is sometimes soft but not compromising her strength and ready to become a rock when needed. She is the “air” and fills the spaces where there is emptiness and where she is needed.
She is a helping hand.
She is a dreamer and she is the one who believes in action, not compromising her wishes, her happiness, and her dreams giving her all in pursuit of her dream.
She is the one whose name means “Pink” but she is equally “Red” of the fire that burns deep inside her and never lets her stop at any point of time at any point in life. She says, “she will” and she means it.

(All the images are taken from the internet with due respect to the owners, not claiming or imposing any right on the same.)

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