finding her stranger in her June dreams

It was a bright day in June, when she lied in her bed looking at the ceiling with no expressions of life on her face. From last three years this has been regularly happening with her between June and July when she has to rethink about the worth of her life and question herself like, “Why me?”

In the mean time she hears the ring of the door bell but did not care of, leaving her thoughts and the memories of the past in between. Hours passed but she did not know what was happening around and then suddenly with the sound of a beep breaking the silence of her room she grabs her cell with the speed that could be matched with the striking of a thunderbolt on the ground. She then disappointed throws the phone aside and cover her face with both her hands trying to breathe deep. She keeps her hands covering her face and opens her eyes as such. She finds a dark space and keeps her eyes concentrated on the darkness and slowly being hypnotised with the flash back running in front of her eyes against the dark.

Suddenly with the burst of memories she was experiencing she stops where a face smiling turns towards her and pulls her grabbing her hand from the live world into the world of her dreams. She keeps looking at that smiling figure holding her hand like he is never going to leave her ever. On this strange moment she wilfully tries to copy his smile on her face too and then starts enjoying his being together and wanders with equal enthusiasm with him as he does.
After walking together for long they sit on a rock together having misty cliffs around them enchanting some sort of music making it a heavenly environment and a sweet moment for her to start a conversation with him, who just bought her amidst these breath taking valleys without any kind of authority over her and she herself being unable to deny.


happy-cheerful-couple-walking-winter-park-warm-clothes-65761837               He like some stranger whom she thought that she recognized was gazing at the far off snow laden mountain peak glittering like a chunk of gold with the sunlight falling on it. And she was looking continuously at his face as it were some romantic fiction written on it and she been dying to read the same. But still she did not know who he was. She then asks with a sudden curiosity, “You know me? Have we met before?”

Distracted from her question he turns around then giving a brief smile stands up and starts walking away without speaking a word. He walked but it was like he ran as his image was fading very quickly. She knowing nothing and kind of worried of his disappearance gets up and starts running in his direction. She runs with all her strength but unable to get him watches him disappearing in the mist. She stretches her hand and almost cry out urging him to stop for her. She keeps crying our loud but in moments she observes that her voice was slowly fading away with the fading figure of him.
She now stands still waiting for the mist to go and find if he is still there. Once it was gone she starts running again without a halt calling his name aloud. She exhausted then stands under an oak trying to catch her breath. It was a matter of seconds when she recovers and she finds the same figure emerging again from the distance holding a small bucket made of bamboo strips in his hand hanging and waving his hand towards her. He then without going near her, kneels down near the fountain running by to wash the berries he brought saying, “So you thought I am gone?” and laughs at her innocence. He continues, “You know I came here for you across seas and deserts and plains and now you think that I will leave you alone!” Then he stands up plucking the twigs out of the berries handing them over to her.

She then able to smile again takes the berries while he sits down describing how he found the berries and sort of things which she was not listening to at all. But she was just looking at him with a calming smile of satisfaction that she now has on her face after finding him again. While they keep being around together, he sets the camping tent on the ground by tying all the ropes with the trees around that space and then starts picking up the dried branches that fell on the ground.

Hayden Mountain Tent
Once the tent was ready he brings the kettle out and after lighting the woods and branches he manages to boil some water for the coffee. While she remains lost in this scene of some stranger working for and spending time with her, he gets the coffee ready and after cleaning his hands on his leather jacket with a grin he picks up both the mugs and ask her to come inside the tent as it was already dark and cold out there. They head into the tent already backlit with a dry cell portable LED lamp.
She enters after him and finds two separate mats arranged for the beds with fluffy fur blankets to lie down. While he quickly takes his place in his bed grabbing the coffee mug placed aside she sits on hers and takes the coffee.
As she sipped her coffee he started telling her that how badly he was looking for her and how difficult it was to find her. She being fulfilled in her knowing the kind of bond with the stranger smiles looking down holding the coffee mug with both her hands. He continues that now as he found her he will not let her go away nor will he leave her alone for his life.
As it was now him who was relaxed on his accomplishment, he was feeling his eyes heavy with all the tiredness and now he falls asleep with the mug held in his hand and the coffee left unfinished.
She is even more relaxed but will not let the moment go, sleeping. Instead she is awake looking at the stranger she don’t know that she knew. In fact it was her who was still unable to understand that whose accomplishment was this ? But it did not matter for her as something in her was alive again because of the stranger and that was herself. Not letting the view of his calm face fade away with the fading light of the lamp she looks at him with the greatest satisfaction of her life and waiting the morning sun to rise to start a new day with the stranger.

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