a Voyage


It has always been that when I started my motorbike for going to the market with out her, I had to regret for this. She always stood with the wall where the main gate of her house opened in, speaking nothing but staring with a question in her half filled eyes if I am not going to take her along with me on my bike.

It were always half a dozen people coming out of the house to see how would she stop me going out alone without her when I dragged the bike out silently with out starting it and then finding that she is already waiting for me even more silently to see if I am really going out without her.

Whenever it was the day when some groceries or vegetables were out of the kitchen stock and I was supposed to visit the market for the purchasing, I would manage to tell no one that I am going out as everyone in the house conspired of telling her that I am getting ready to go out. Well it was always a predetermined failure of me to swiftly get going without her notice. Mommy would always go and ask everyone that if they had something to bring from the market then I am at their service and the news would arrive to her ears. On which, she would do nothing but ask her mother to bathe her and get her ready with her new clothes that her father bought her recently. And when she was ready, she would try to find the pair of new sandals which was a necessary part of her outfit (it being a new  pair most of the times) which was always found under the bed. Finally she would rush to the main door finding me already trying to kick start my motor bike without coming into her notice. But on this sight she would become disappointed and broken with my unworthy intention of not letting her board the voyage of her everyday dream where I was the captain and I was the one leaving her behind and with this thought her eyes would start erupting gushes of tears run through her face and staring with a glance so self-describing that I would forget about everything in front of her.11892228_804601406304090_5056028264567118869_n

Then she would say nothing and soon after turning her back towards me started crying like she had been collecting a thousand sorrows in her heart from years and finally would break into tears. It was then me, who would almost fill his eyes with water and couldn’t think of anything else but to go near her and hug her trying to stop myself crying in front of the people. But everyone would know what was going in our hearts and smiled at our love for each other. Then suddenly I would tickle her belly and in no time she was laughing with no signs of pain which was pinching her a few moments ago. Now I would ask her to bring the list of items to shop, from my mother and she would happily go and grab the same from her. Then it was me and her on the bike together, which I kick start and she would blow the horn by pressing its button on the left sitting at the front and would grin towards everyone as I put the bike in its first gear to start our voyage together.

Then there would be no sign of sorrow letting out spirits degrade from and we were sailing through the tides of the limitless ocean of happiness together -me and her.


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