Got to know the severity of the same topic on which I wrote this blog, after reading 2 news articles in Punjab Kesari (A daily Hindi newspaper).
One news was that due to some reason A father chopped his daughter’s neck. And the other one was that, some people from a particular religious group said that from now onwards the girl who rides a two wheeler will be burnt alive.
This is nowhere in but in the very state of our India which we proudly say as the Heaven on Earth -KASHMIR.
Now we can imagine how the dominant people of a particular religious group or community are creating this mess and making the life of our women and girls more and more miserable.
Though its a little relieving that the government clarified that the people who want our daughters remain illiterate so that the dominion of the males remain intact over the society (or so, because I just read this news in a TV news bulletin. so not able to put forth the exact wordings/statement).
But still my brothers and sister of India, is it worth it ???


WOMEN EMPOWERMENT Since I think I am grown up, I have been thinking of speaking to a few people on some topic, that really leaves me very very disappointed as being a human first and then an Indian.

Friends from the starting of a baby’s birth, then its growth and its development as a man/woman, we find that someone is continuously in action working for that very human baby making it an individual -a personality of the future. She herself is a “woman” -the mother.

Now you see, what disappoints me and grieves me is something that had just started with the very birth of the baby, particularly here in India.

Speaking about a baby girl, she is either killed in the womb before birth, or fortunately if she gets successful in surviving she will be killed in her near future. This killing is not only of her body, but…

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