WOMEN EMPOWERMENT Since I think I am grown up, I have been thinking of speaking to a few people on some topic, that really leaves me very very disappointed as being a human first and then an Indian.

Friends from the starting of a baby’s birth, then its growth and its development as a man/woman, we find that someone is continuously in action working for that very human baby making it an individual -a personality of the future. She herself is a “woman” -the mother.

Now you see, what disappoints me and grieves me is something that had just started with the very birth of the baby, particularly here in India.

Speaking about a baby girl, she is either killed in the womb before birth, or fortunately if she gets successful in surviving she will be killed in her near future. This killing is not only of her body, but killing her bit by bit in every aspect of her life.

If we see about this discrimination among a boy and girl in India, the roots seem extending from the very ancient times, where the male offspring was considered the only flag bearer of a kingdom, or dynasty. More or less the one and all of a certain family. A wife among the several wives of a king who gave the kingdom a baby boy was given the most important and powerful position and authority. The same with the son -the boy. Where the boy was taught fighting skills, politics, economy, literature, religion, and almost every subject that was considered necessary for the development of that boy as the future king. A prince would be free to do almost anything he wanted, go anywhere he wanted. Boundaries of the palace was not a limitation for him. Whereas on the other hand, a princess was given a limited knowledge of subjects including singing, dancing, medicine, cookery, embroidery etc and was given the only responsibilities that could be taken and practiced within the palace.

This tradition was not just running through India but almost every part, every culture, every nation of the world.

Then came the time when the condition of girls started improving. Starting from a few people who were willing and determined to eradicate this evil of discrimination among two equally important genders, two equally important lives, it erupted as a massive breakthrough on the world frame and the girl started getting equal and respectable status as an equal gender. Girls started going out of their houses for education, jobs, business, sports and amusement etc.

And now as a universal family of fellow human beings of this earth we can proudly say that Yes, the woman of today is enjoying the same status as a man or a boy enjoys today. She is wise, she has power, she is strong and she is free. No field of work has been left where girls or women did not prove their distinctive involvement and lead as an independent individual.

Yes we can say that the very life of a girl, a woman has been changed considerably but not with the same confidence and authority for the girl of our Indian society.

Can a women of a nation imagine today that we are still killing our girls. Yes I am sorry to say this, if it hurts the esteem and self respect of my every Indian brother and sister that we are still killing them.

Friend in an Indian society a girl is still born and grown in such an environment that if she is born she should be fortunate enough to carry out her life as a free human. From the time a girl becomes wise enough to understand things going out of her house, she is continuously told to cram and remind only one thing that either her life is limited to her father’s house or after she gets married her husband’s house is her only world to live in.

Again a girl of in our society does not have the liberty to decide her education, decide her preferences of dressing or friend circle. Almost nothing.

Things do not end here. Friends I am proud to say that there are fathers who care for their daughters equally as they do for their sons.We call a girl as being the Goddess of prosperity ,”Lakshmi” or the Goddess of strength and war as “Durga”. But do we really mean it ?

But every girl is not fortunate enough to have a father like she does.

Fathers and mothers still prohibit the opportunities of career building of their daughters just because she may have to go to¬†schools or colleges distant from their houses. I mean there is still a state of mind prevalent in our community that we think that if the girl leaves her home boundaries and goes out she may become characterless. How? Just because in that environment she may become friends with boys. And then all of a sudden she will become characterless. I mean….

Well the odds do not end even here. Speaking of the brothers of our society, they may have dozens of girl-friends to hangout with to be in relation with and so. But if his sister finds some of her friend or some other boy appropriate for being her life partner and gets engaged in a faithful relationship with the boy whom she find suitable for spending her life with, then for her brother she becomes the dirtiest creature of this earth. She is practically committing a crime if she falls in love with someone. A criminal who must be hanged in her room, or chopped or burnt or thrown in rivers after killing her.

Yes this is happening in our society friends. What we call a matter of pride of ourselves, being confirmed that the girl of our houses not being able to even breath without the permission of the male members of the family.

We call it and associate this with a matter of “MUSTACHES” or “PAGDI”.

I mean its funny to associate the very precious life of a human with a bunch of hairs under our noses.

Pathetic !

My friends,

the artwork is being taken from internet with due respect to the owner of this image.

There is a heart beating in their chests. They too feel pain. They do have dreams. Love them, respect them, let them live their lives and their dreams.


3 thoughts on “WOMEN EMPOWERMENT

  1. Reblogged this on VIKAS SINGH and commented:

    Got to know the severity of the same topic on which I wrote this blog, after reading 2 news articles in Punjab Kesari (A daily Hindi newspaper).
    One news was that due to some reason A father chopped his daughter’s neck. And the other one was that, some people from a particular religious group said that from now onwards the girl who rides a two wheeler will be burnt alive.
    This is nowhere in but in the very state of our India which we proudly say as the Heaven on Earth -KASHMIR.
    Now we can imagine how the dominant people of a particular religious group or community are creating this mess and making the life of our women and girls more and more miserable.
    Though its a little relieving that the government clarified that the people who want our daughters remain illiterate so that the dominion of the males remain intact over the society (or so, because I just read this news in a TV news bulletin. so not able to put forth the exact wordings/statement).
    But still my brothers and sister of India, is it worth it ???


    1. Yes ma’am. For centuries our women and girls have not been fortunate enough to enjoy the same status as the women from across the word do.
      Now the condition has changed significantly but still as u know a developing nation has its problem of illiteracy and lack of awareness and understanding among its individuals, so this is still prevalent among the people who are from a lesser civilized background I would say, that girls are still deprived of their freedom in certain or all aspects of their lives.
      So always hopeful for the change to take place ultimately here in our India where our women our daughters and sisters are free to live their lives independently without any restriction. And glad to have your comments obviously.

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